Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Who needs Halloween?

It's that time of year again. Yep, it's time to prove your worth as parent by showing just how creative you are or just how much money you can spend. All in order to dress your child up for one night so they can get candy that you normally wouldn't touch and from strangers at that! Halloween definately brings out the weird in people. I'm wracking my brains this year for something the girls can wear that will match but still have Meri be cute. Everything I come up with poor Meri is the sidekick! A princess and a dragon, a mermaid and an octopus, a cowgirl and a horse well you get the idea. It doesn't help matters that Evie has to wear hers to school or that we'll actually miss trick or treating being in Charlotte for a wedding so I can't really justify spending money when they won't really be wearing it for the actual purpose. Any ideas anyone? Anyway it just occured to me the other day, we don't need halloween around here. Not a day goes by that doesn't involve dressing up, I'm wondering if it would even be special to Evie? I let her go out in her princess crowns, dressesand assorted get up all the time, the only thing I say no about in regards to dress up clothes is that she has to have her normal shoes on when we go out. We do get some strange looks so maybe that would be a good thing to Halloween, she might look normal for once! Meris not quite as bad yet since she can't dress herself but she's starting to get the idea!

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