Thursday, September 24, 2009

It's been awhile. Can you handle it?

The cuteness, oh the cuteness! Juliana turned 6 months this week. She's been crawling for a couple of weeks now and is trying to pull up. I keep telling her to stop but it's just not working. She figured out how to sit up, crawl and sit up up from a crawl all within a couple of days - whew. It didn't even really give me any time to get pictures of her sitting up - she can escape now. She's working on getting things with her thumb and finger and really just watching us intently. I wish I could capture the serious focused look she gets when we clap or do something she so obviously wants to do. She's definitely a fun age right now, the girls are loving being able to crawl around and play with her.
p.s. the internet at our temporary place is insufferably slow. Hopefully I can play catch up later because this place is seriously lacking in big girl pictures. I just couldn't let a half birthday go by with out a post