Thursday, October 29, 2009

It's not yellow. It's not little. And it's most definitely not out in the country.

But it does have lots of space to play and picnic.
Views of our very own creek.
Plenty of room for Juju monsters to attack.
An upstairs with room for two big girls to have their very own bedrooms. And bathroom too!
Honestly, after the experience of the past little while. I'd be happy in anything we could call our own. But we think this place is pretty special and we're super excited to move in and make it ours. Nate's already started - he's been hard at work tonight sanding those floors down so they can be a little less orange. :)
I hope so so soooooo much that I'll be able to look down there and see 3 big girls one day. I really, really have no desire to move again. Like never, ever, ever!
Did you think I could do it? A post with out a Juliana picture? Impossible! Although you'd have to have a video to catch how fast that little booger moves across that empty house.

Monday, October 05, 2009

Not the grass!

This was while we were in IL last trip so maybe a month ago? That's when the last posts pictures were from too- I'm a bit behind. For some reason Juliana was just hating the grass in Grandma and Grandpa Z's yard. If you started to lower her down she'd just start screaming. It was pretty funny. Luckily she's over that as trying to eat grass is now one of her favorite pastimes.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

friends... just some snapshots

We got the chance to visit some dear friends that live very far away, we've been trying to get the for years now so this was an especially joyful trip. Juliana was learning to sit up so she was hanging out on the picnic table (she's pulling up now!)

These are in a random order - this was our visit to a preserve area.
E hanging out her baby clothes.
More preserve - it was so pretty.
All the big kids trying to stay in the hammock.
Lots of back yard picnics sine the weather was incredible.
She sat still. And looked at the camera! Amazing!
Crickets and princess dresses, that's so Rosie.
The wild horse in her native habitat.
Little boy hands!
And feet too.
Thanks guys!