Thursday, March 29, 2007

We're back. After a long exhausting week it it so nice to be home! I'm telling you, I did more work on my Grandparents move than I did on any of my own moves! Of course, I took lots of camera breaks, to the point where I do believe my cousins( who were already doing more than me) were ready to disown me. Here are just a couple I did really quick, it is way too pretty to be on the computer!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Somehow I messed this one up and I don't really have time to redo all the pictures, sorry if they overlap or anything and they got put in the wrong order.
This is what we did yesterday, Meri is fascinated with these applesauce containers! Who needs toys, right? They like to go shopping in the pantry which then led to the "put the applesauce down the shirt game"
She does like her doll too but only if Evie torments her with it first. And Evie? Well all she needs is her horses.
After our little fruit fest we headed into "town". There's this wonderful covered carousal at the riverfront park. Evie would not ride the horses - she had to ride in the carriage so she could look at the horses. Meri rode this frog that went super high and they didn't have straps so I conquered my motion sickness and stood protector. It was the fastest one we've ever been on which actually made it somewhat easier for me. After that we walked to a local ice cream shop ,Clumpies and then walked across the river on the pedestrian bridge and down by the aquarium. They have the wonderful sculptures and this really neat sort of fake stream park. It's wonderful how child friendly Chattanooga is, I guess that come with the whole tourism package. the loved the bridge and Nathan go to laugh at me freaking out wondering if Meri could fall through the railing or of the boards were rotted through. I don't have a picture of the bridge but its huge, makes me pretty certain we're not going to tackle that new bridge in Charleston anytime soon! Tomorrow we're off for TX so no posts for awhile. I might try to get a couple more pictures up before we leave but right now my laundry and suitcases are calling!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Ahhhh........... spring!

We were only gone for a couple of days but I swear when we came back it was like spring had decided to show up while we were away. We love that's it warm and light until 8:00!

She can run and dance at the same time - talented girl!
Farmer Nathan... I know you've been dying to laugh at him.

They're both to big for this silly car, yet somehow they manage it togather.

It's like one of those old horror movies, "Maude, I think there's something up on the roof" dun duna dun duna (that's my scary music!)

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Feeling guilty for previous goofy post, she really is a gorgeous little creature.
Oh and (drum roll please) we just got her mid year review from speech and she is at 80% on just about everything! That means she doesn't even qualify for therapy any more, happy days !

Monday, March 05, 2007

I know you're not supposed to make fun of you child but really she's such a goof. What was she doing? Our little Meri Rose, looking angelic. I assure you she's not!