Saturday, February 14, 2009

Evie's party

Opening up presents, love that tongue sticking out.
Counting all the money in her wallet - 6 of everything!
She loved her music box!
Such style! She insisted we eat outside even though we don't have anywhere for that set up yet. Luckily her Daddy has a redneck streak( I still don't know how that happened - Charleston boy raised all over the world on navy bases?) and thought to pull the extra van seats out of the garage. Yes, we are so classy... Of course this also meant everybody got to listen to me whine about shutting the garage door at the least or moving the chairs to the grass...
Don't you just love her outfit? Poor baby had an ear ache so we insisted she wear a hat and she informed us when she woke up that she had to wear the fancy skirt for the party.
Mmmm, chocolate covered cheesecake!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My babies...

E had a wonderful birthday, despite being sick. Bless her heart, the day actually started with a trip to the Doctor. But we got medicine and she's already looking better! I still can't believe she's 6! We have tons of pictures from her party on Sunday and her actual bday, it'll take me awhile to get through them.
Rosie loves to sleep in my lap like that and snuggle the baby, I so hope her feelings stay the same after the arrival when the reality of just how much she's going to have to share me sets in.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

We have a jungle gym!

In our front yard we have a monstrous old magnolia. I mean ginormously huge with the inside perfect for play and climbing. It's just one of those magical trees. The girls had played in it some but not enough in my opinion to fully appreciate what they had. So the other day I forced them into the interior and made them stay until it dawned on them just how cool it was. Finally, they declared "we have a jungle gym"! I wanted to reply "well, duh" but I refrained and now it's a favorite spot. I imagine when the weather warms up a bit that old tree is going to host quite a few tea parties and be home to multiple tents and hammocks, I only wish it was in the fenced inpart of the yard.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Crocheted Baby Mary Janes or what I should call Baby Ridiculousness

How cute are these?
Cute enough for me to buy a pair, receive them in the mail and then run squealing to the computer to order 3 more. After of course sharing them with the big sisters who also thought they were the cutest thing ever. Total silliness considering there are things this baby actually needs. Oh, like a car seat and other such important items.
And to just further tell you how ridiculous a waste of money this was I have to confess some things:
  • We are indeed making double house payments right now because our other house hasn't sold...
  • They probably won't fit. Our kids have gigantic feet, even the sonogram technicians think so :)
  • I've done nothing else to get ready for this babe other than dig out diapers and newborn clothes
  • and umm, I don't actually put shoes on my babies.