Friday, August 31, 2012

his favorite toy

Such a boy. And again with just a diaper? That would have never happened with the first or even any of the girl children but he hates, hates, hates to have his clothes changed.  I'm all about easy these days.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

let the corruption begin

If you can get past the awfulness of my baby boy already being engrossed with the video games - check out how cute those fat little feet are poking out from behind the game.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

a circus. literally.

another of "jujiana kate"

This is one of her classic, sparkly eyed looks that borders on a smirk. If you happen to see this, you had better pay attention, something outrageous is sure to follow.

Friday, August 17, 2012


Don't you agree? Three is such a fantastic age if you can get past the tantrums, of course. Once upon a time we had a rainbow collection of playsilks. The other day I realized there was exactly one yellow threadbare one left. Luckily, in my craft hoard pile closet I had some giant ones stashed. We made a rainbow one and a couple of capes. And now she asks me to "tie her rescue girl on" aka put a superhero cape on her. Love it.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


I have a bajillion and one things to be doing. We've had a  massive computer failure around here lately. Whoever is fighting the laptops won both rounds. So I'm left to work on the desktop one which must be done around naptimes because Fletcher pulls the face of the tower off and/or turns it off and/or pulls on the cords. The problem with that? The computer is literally 3 feet away from his crib. Yep, not working out so well.  So I have a smidge of time to get online paper work and school work done and do I get down to business? Nooooo. I play with a picture.  At least I'm honest.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

9 months

These will be the last of his au natural pictures. I need to find some boy diaper covers! Can't believe how big he is.

Monday, August 06, 2012

getting in on the action

Stole Fletchers hat and jumped in on his 9 month session. I know she is pouty but I just love those little baby girl hands. So perfect.

Sunday, August 05, 2012


He's practicing. Got a big race up in Charlotte next weekend. We hear there is some pretty fierce competition. (going to one of his cousins 1st birthday bash) All kidding aside, he can walk all over with this thing and can stand unassisted BUT he doesn't like to. He will actually lift his legs when I try and set him down to a standing position. Pretty funny stuff.  He does seem to enjoy pushing the toy but only if you are right there(Evie was just out of the frame - my helper girl!). It figures that my one and only chunk will have no interest in walking while his itty bitty sisters were raring to go as soon as they mastered crawling.


Is this wrong? Too much? I figure I've been over sharing lately anyway. Oh, my squishy boy, how I love you so.

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Blessings :day 2

Having good examples. Life is not always rosy but that doesn't mean you walk away from it.
Today would have been their 70th Anniversary. (at least I think that's what my informer said)
Day 2 and I'm already cheating. This was handed to me by my Mama but is was so easy I had to take it.
And bonus! Not only was I blessed with this set of Grandparent but on my other side as well. Two incredible sets of inspiration. How many people can say that?

game night

Wednesday, August 01, 2012


Found this while looking for a picture of my blessing. Good gracious. I need to have a picture of her at this age printed and out so I can look at all that bitty cuteness.

blessings:day 1

I've been complaining bunches lately. And something occurred to me as I was chugging away on the treadmill while fussing in my head (when I should have been praying, right? right self?) . I have it good, like actually pretty fantabulously, awetasticaly good. The great thing about blogs is you can throw out into the world whatever you feel like. And tonight while heaving for breath I thought about my blessings and how coincidentally it just happens to be the beginning of  the month which then led me to decide to chronicle aforementioned abundance for the month of August. Must have been the lack of oxygen.  It certainly is not to link up to some blog party because I for sure could never get my act together for that. This is my journal of sorts and since I'm pretty certain that the only people that regularly read this (besides you random Brazil people, hi random folks!)  are related to me they won't mind if I gush a bit. If you do, just breeze on out of here.
I'm shooting for 30 days. No particular order.
This guy. Pretty certain it's the best decision I ever made. 
Thanks Julia and Skip. It's  pretty good getting to share life with him. Remind me of that next time he makes us move again, okay? 
I'm going to edit this to add a couple of reasons why he's so sinking wonderful. I think that should be mandatory when you're listing something. I always want to know why. For some reason it's slightly painful for me to gush publicly. But here goes.
He thinks I'm hot. True story, even when I'm not. He takes me antiquing. He willing handed me his expensive camera gear when we were first married and has sat back and fully supported my photography. He is a pretty great Dad and a selfless provider. He shares his Cherry Garcia. And he never complains about my  cooking.  6 things should be enough, right?