Wednesday, August 01, 2012

blessings:day 1

I've been complaining bunches lately. And something occurred to me as I was chugging away on the treadmill while fussing in my head (when I should have been praying, right? right self?) . I have it good, like actually pretty fantabulously, awetasticaly good. The great thing about blogs is you can throw out into the world whatever you feel like. And tonight while heaving for breath I thought about my blessings and how coincidentally it just happens to be the beginning of  the month which then led me to decide to chronicle aforementioned abundance for the month of August. Must have been the lack of oxygen.  It certainly is not to link up to some blog party because I for sure could never get my act together for that. This is my journal of sorts and since I'm pretty certain that the only people that regularly read this (besides you random Brazil people, hi random folks!)  are related to me they won't mind if I gush a bit. If you do, just breeze on out of here.
I'm shooting for 30 days. No particular order.
This guy. Pretty certain it's the best decision I ever made. 
Thanks Julia and Skip. It's  pretty good getting to share life with him. Remind me of that next time he makes us move again, okay? 
I'm going to edit this to add a couple of reasons why he's so sinking wonderful. I think that should be mandatory when you're listing something. I always want to know why. For some reason it's slightly painful for me to gush publicly. But here goes.
He thinks I'm hot. True story, even when I'm not. He takes me antiquing. He willing handed me his expensive camera gear when we were first married and has sat back and fully supported my photography. He is a pretty great Dad and a selfless provider. He shares his Cherry Garcia. And he never complains about my  cooking.  6 things should be enough, right?


Kathy said...

I'm very certain it's the best decision you ever made and I thank God often for sending him our way at just the absolute right time. Did you ever really think about the timing of when we were gifted with him? Coincidence? I've never thought so.

Becky said...

I agree...he's a pretty awesome dear friend/adopted brother:) You're a pretty awesome dear friend/adopted sister, Rae!
So glad & blessed to have both of you (& your kiddos too) in our lives...just wish the miles weren't so many between us!

Ali said...

Love those Dyer boys!