Tuesday, February 16, 2010

sisters captured

Reminding myself. Most days they do more than fight.


She's been walking for such awhile that it seems funny to even mention it now. Remember the video I posted that said she was teaching herself? Popping up and down lasted maybe a week and then it was on to cruising around. She's running at this point!


They were just starting to show in these pics. Took them a week or so ago? I thought it was just the bottom two but a couple of days ago I happened to notice the top left had broken through as well. Poor baby! No wonder she was such a fuss pot for a while. She's been back to her usual sunny self the last couple of days.

Snow'd in

But that's not an excuse for no posts. Not having working computer to get pictures off the camera or any sort of software to get pictures to the web is a pretty good excuse. Nathan bought me a new monitor for Christmas and whilst installing it he managed to destroy our computer. Luckily my most generous and wonderful brother in law Weston offered up a mother board and his equally wonderful wife Allison got it in the mail to us. So big, big thanks to them. Many late nights later Nate has got everything up and running! And he did indeed have everything backed up like he promised. Funnily enough I just figured out that I could have done a free trial of a software on the laptop. Whoops! Because boy do I have a lot to catch up on. Birthdays, snow, teeth, walking, holidays...