Thursday, February 09, 2012

move on over

So we moved. Again. Yes, we moved twice in 6 months. And yes, I was pregnant and then had a newborn. And yes, one of those moves happened to be on December 23. See what I mean about our choices? Are we crazy? Maybe. But in our defense, the move here to take a new job was a very, very beneficial one. And moving again had to do with our lemon of a rental house. Everything was breaking on it and we had a landord that didn't exactly seem to care. I don't know about you, but I'd rather not have my walls and ceiling come down from  a roof leak. And I suspect you too might be alarmed to plug your iron in the dining room outlet and have sparks come shooting out an entirely different outlet in a whole other room. Said landlords solution to said problem:buy a new iron and throw up some drywall compound. Just paint over those scorch marks and never mind that the compound just stays wet. Sooooo. Yeah. We just happened to find a lovely farmhouse on two acres rented out by a wonderful people. And did I mention it's surrounded by horse farms?  Of course we moved on Christmas Eve Eve. So anyway, this is how the girls entertained themselves on moving day. It was and still continues to be madness but at least we feel safe in our new lovely space.

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Why yes, yes I am.

Or rather, I was. Things seem to have mellowed. He's sleeping all night and so am I. I still have way too many things I'm trying to juggle. But you are not supposed to complain about the choices you voluntarily make, right? And having Nate take a job that he works 10 hours a day with a 40 minute commute was a choice we made and moving again with a newborn was a choice we made and so was homeschooling the girls. The only thing I regret about all of it is not being able to just sit and gaze at his awesomeness all day long. Thanks Auntie K for the onsie, I needed the laugh!


This little man loves to be outside.  He'll stretch his face towards the sun and smile at the wind.

Ah, the power of Fletcher.

Love that they clamor over the job of reading to the baby. Now if I could just convince Evie that he needs to learn his math facts.

Thursday, February 02, 2012

mama chicken

Juju and the famed mama chicken. Mama chicken lives across the road but she doesn't ever cross it. Pity.