Monday, February 02, 2009

Crocheted Baby Mary Janes or what I should call Baby Ridiculousness

How cute are these?
Cute enough for me to buy a pair, receive them in the mail and then run squealing to the computer to order 3 more. After of course sharing them with the big sisters who also thought they were the cutest thing ever. Total silliness considering there are things this baby actually needs. Oh, like a car seat and other such important items.
And to just further tell you how ridiculous a waste of money this was I have to confess some things:
  • We are indeed making double house payments right now because our other house hasn't sold...
  • They probably won't fit. Our kids have gigantic feet, even the sonogram technicians think so :)
  • I've done nothing else to get ready for this babe other than dig out diapers and newborn clothes
  • and umm, I don't actually put shoes on my babies.


trisha said...

Ha! you crack me up, Rae. they are super cute, though.

Jennie said...

I agree. They are super cute! Were these Etsy purchases? ;)

Anonymous said...

You were too cute as a baby and you are still too cute!!!!! It's too bad that you don't have an aunt who could make those in an evening for you for free. What kind of an auntie do you have anyway? The girls are getting so big. I want a pic of you! I know you must be getting so big too!

Ali said...

Terribly adorable!!!