Monday, October 23, 2006

Stubborn! That's our Evie. Tonight we had some black bean soup for dinner, she hates soup. I keep making it b/c I'm lazy and it's cheap and she just keeps refusing to eat any type of it. So we played Dora at the table. The horses had fallen under a sleeping spell and to save them she had to eat ONE bite, run around the table and kiss the princess. Sounds reasonable, right? We had to force the bite into her. And I mean shove it into her type of force. Grrr, try and have fun and it bites ya in the butt. Mind you, this was after much cajoling and doling out of cookies to everybody else and pretty much everything short of standing on our heads. So we taught her to say "I'm stubborn" and that's that. I don't mind her not eating so much, I'm choosing to subscribe to the toddler weekly average of eating theory (TWAE), meaning it'll even out over the course of the week. The whole no soup thing is just so frustrating though so we keep trying to make her eat it (or at least taste it) in the hopes that she'll get used to it, eventually. So then after our lovely dinner she was supposed to be getting in the bath tub and instead she was inventing a new game. I suppose it's pretty much carpet hopscotch. We have an oriental rug with medalions and she was hopping one footed on just the "big ones". Pretty cute, she does have her redeeming her qualities so I guess we'll keep her. I described her the other day as delightfully difficult. Meaning the majority of the time I'm dicipling her I'm secretly delighted at how wonderful she is. Like the other day when she stuck the popcorn kernal up her nose.... She kept saying her nose hurt and well she had been sniffling so I thought it was just sore. You know how that goes. Well, Mom and Nathan and the girls and I were sitting aound the table in a Panera, she had finished her sandwhich and this enormous sneeze comes out. She looks up and in her little hand is this HUGE popcorn kernal and she shouts "I did it!, I did it!" over and over again. Mom and Nathan are laughing hysterically so I had to sit there and sternly lecture her on not putting things up our noses while tears were streaming down my face and I was shaking trying to keep from laughing. Yep, that's our Evie.
And then there was Meri. You know I never knew Evie was difficult until this one came along. Mom says its bcause the second one is easier but I'm not buying it. Maybe she has to be easy to get by in this house and well I guess if the worst thing her sister teaches her is how to be easy going then I guess she's good but I suppose thats just a pipe dream now that I thik forward about 15 years . She's been coming out with lots of new words and is pretty much devopmentally on track. All six of those new teeth at are still pushing their way through and she's trying so hard to hold her crayon like sister. Her running skills have arrived and are just a delight to watch. She doesn't just run she prances and skips across the floor the tops of her little toes grazing the ground like a dancer. It's kinda like how she never just walked but flounced. Don't get me wrong she definately has her moments. Like the other day at church, we were attending this little bitty service. Like wedding size service. She apparantly doesn't like the homily so I get up and stand in the back with her and while the priest is talking about stewardship she is pulling my hair, grabbing my glasses, clawing my face and trying to stick her hand down my shirt, exposing this that should be covered. I can see him frowning at me so we step out into the vestibule or whatever it's called and she then decides to start screaming at the top of her lungs so we step outside and I put her down to walk and she takes of and runs in front of car . So yes, she has her moments. Which is why I am currently having nightmares about her role as a flower girl this weekend. And I do mean that literally, I woke up twice last night in a cold sweat with visions of her and Evie ruining Ali & Wes' wedding. So say a prayer for me that Evie decides to be just delightful and that Meri doesn't have any of her moments.

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