Wednesday, October 18, 2006

We had some company the other weekend and made a little fire to cook some smores. Do you know anybody that doesn't like smores? Or doesn't like roasted marshmallows? Well, you do now, Evie doesn't and with all the passion a three year old can have I might add. She thought we were nuts! We were ruining the marshamllows by putting them in that fire and ruining the chocolate by putting the marshmallow on it. It was pretty funny. She did have a really good time helping to build the fire but didn't like it so much once it got going. We also went to the Battlefield that same weekend, where the other pictures are from. The girls liked climbing on stuff but thats about all that interested them. They didn't so much get the historical implications and all that. hmmm, wonder why?
It has been raining and raining and raining here! The yard is practically flooded and we have been stuck inside! I really need to get the girls some rain jackets and boots so we could at least go splash in the puddles. As it is we are getting a little stir crazy.....

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