Thursday, October 26, 2006

I thought you might like to see my grand prize. It's the first time I've ever won a grand prize and I'm not really sure what I won it for. Evie awarded it to me last night. Two stinky coolers full of plastics and dirty clothes. Maybe I won it for getting four people ready to go on a trip all by myself, for getting the dog to the vet and Evie picked up from school, for getting the snacks bought ahead of time and the clothes washed up, for cleaning the kitchen and living in a house with out heat for the past 2 weeks. Well some of those things aren't done yet but I've got to get them done before we can leave today. I just thought it was cute. She brought me into the kitchen and with this grand flourish presented me my grandprizes, opening them and revealing the wonders inside. She's just too cute!
Meri and Daddy on our trip to Cloudland Canyon last weekend. Two million stairs later we got to see some really lame waterfalls along with about 4 thousand other people. I would not recomend this park. Really, it was just straight down a flight of stairs and then straight back up then repeat the process. the second fall you couldn't even walk around you were stuck on this wooden platform. Hmmfp. At least we tried and the girls thought they were cool.

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