Monday, October 16, 2006

We got to go visit Uncle Josh (or "my dosh" in Evie speak) this weekend. We had sooo much fun getting to play outside with him, even if he was feeling a little sick. Evie showed off her bat skills but we had to inform Uncle Josh that there is only one true sport in the Dyer household. Of course we didn't bring a soccer ball but she kicked her little foam princess ball around and we were all impressed at her accuracy with it. Or as Nathan says she "has a good foot" or something like that
Awwww! She is such a love bug! She loves to snuggle, actually I'm getting kissed as I try and type this.
This is about all she wants to do now, get into everything. She was paticularly fond of carrying the wickets around and pulling the stakes out of the tomato plants. She tried to use the mallet but it's a little hard when it's taller than you are!
Look at that concentration! They had to too, Uncle Josh's pitching was not exactly the best! She actually has not too bad form for a 3 year old, she sticks that bottom out and twists her little foot. Her Auntie should be proud!
Evie doing some attacking, usually it's the other way around!

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