Thursday, October 19, 2006

I am in LOVE with this shot Of Meri Rose. Look at those lashes, and her coloring. Sigh.... she is such a little beauty. It is so interesting to us to watch the her unfold, in comparison to Evie. How can they look so different and yet both be so beautiful in such diffeent ways(and have come from us?)? Ahh, nothing like Mommy goggles though is there? It stopped pouring long enough yesterday to go outside and play some, well I use play loosley b/c I made them dress alike so I could get some pictures of our trees. I am a little angry with ol' mother nature, the amount of green leaves knocked off by these winds is unbelivable! My poor trees are getting nekked, so I wanted to capture the color while I could since it's supposed to keep on storming all this week. I was cracking up, Evie tried the old throw the leaves up thing (we were out playing in them before the rains) but... she didn't get the whole wet aspect to the leaves. So instead of playing with the fun leaves she kept getting a headful of nasty stuff, hmmm sounds kinda mean now. She only did it once or twice before she caught on though, it's not like I let her just keep doing it. They both loved the mud, or as Evie likes to call it " stinky goo" compliments of Dora of course.
Evie has an evaluation with the school tomorrow, so hopefully that will go well. And Nathan was on the phone with Wes last night, he said "we'll see you next week" And I thought (duh!) Omg! Weston and Allison are getting married next week. I don't know how it managed to sneek up on me so fast, I've only known about it for a year but still, it just seemed like it would never come, but now it's here and promises to be a wonderful time. I hope I can get some pictures but I'm thinking not since I'll be chasing 2 little flower girls around!
Oooh and guess what Evie did yesterday? I was amazed! She covered her eyes, counted to five and said "I find you". I had no idea she knew how to play hide and seek. I guess she's learning something at school after all!

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