Monday, January 08, 2007

Trying to do "portrait" type shots for family and this is what I get. Love my girls and their strange, goofy ways.
Here are some updates I keep meaning to share, in bullet formation for ease of my mental abilities.
  • Meri is jumping - both feet off the ground.
  • Evie is starting to write. All on her own too, Mimi showed her how to write her name, just playing and the next thing we know she's "making the E's Momma"
  • She is also recognizing letters, made a "T" with her arms the other day and told me it was "the letter T" (all letter are always referred to in this manner!)
  • Meri has so many new "words" (sounds really) that I just can't keep up. Stop, NO, E(for Evie, duh!) Ja, get down,dog, cat, drink, banna and many more that I can't remember now.
  • She has also gotten the hang of animal noises, oinking and meowing and barking, fishy swimming, chicken bawking... you get the idea, right?
  • Both girls are doing itsy bitsy, little teapot and if you're happy.
  • Their favorite song right now is "FA. la, laaaaaaa" The Muppet's version from uncle Josh!
  • And the last - Meri is about to start her interpretive dance career. We don't know where she got it but that baby has got soul! She picked up Evie's ribbon stick(like from the rhythmic gymnastics?) and was just doing all the twirls and motions with it, the thing is almost as big as she is!
  • Bedtime in the new room has transitioned smoothly, I wasn't certain how 2 in one room would work but it's been just fine!


Monica said...

Your daughters are adorable!! Love the big blue eyes!!!

Ali Dyer said...

Give the girls some hugs and kisses for us. See you guys this weekend maybe? Nanny is doing some better..but still not outta the woods yet. It's going to be hectic, but we hope to catch up?