Thursday, January 11, 2007

A little fun in the mud! Too bad they ended up SWIMMING in a deep hole. I had to haul them back across the yard(and we were on the other end - all 2 acres, lol!) and pour the water out of the boots and strip 'em down! They were muddy and soaking wet and I was trying to protect my camera and my clothes! Poor little feet were all red and cold by the time we got in, nothing a little hot chocolate didn't help. I'm having a very good day already. I love it when Evie does something to just make my day. I was still in bed and She and Nathan were rattling around the kitchen making the oatmeal and she yells "where are you at momma?" So I answer back, "coming, coming, I can't find my glasses" (remember I can't see but like 3 inches in front of my face so if my glasses fall on the floor or I push them away from the edge or something I have to get down and fumble around till I find them - pathetic, I know) So anyway, she comes running in and says "I'll help!" She reaches down, plucks them off the floor and says"here's your glasses Momma" and then she gets my rings and hands them to me too. How cute is that! She listened and then came to help! And then I got to go into the kitchen and find a table full of presents, I opened my cards and you could totally tell they picked them out! Garfield and Mickey, GAG! But the thought was very sweet! When we get her from school in a little bit we're going to make my cake, that's always fun.


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Nicki said...

Happy Birthday. The muddy kids look like they are having a blast.

Anonymous said...

happy birthday! you're the kind of mom kids love -- letting 'em get all messy then rewarding them with cocoa! gorgeous kids.