Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Some of my favorite things

Well I got a not so gentle reminder to update the blog last night. The thing is though that I can't load any pictures right now because we're moving our office area around and we have everything unplugged (read - Nathan hasn't finished and I don't know what to do). So these are two old favorites of mine, Evie's "NO!" face and Meri's kissy face. And since my posts lately have been rather too much keeping up with the Jone's - the child rearing version, I thought I would submit for you to some of my favorites. It's like my own personal people's choice awards. And don't complain - you don't have to be reading this you know.

  • favorite blog Have a little time to spare? This blog is quite fabulous, very entertaining and yummy pictures of ranch type stuff and flowers. And I will warn you some not quite yummy pictures of ranch stuff too.
  • favorite publication Need a good book recommendation? Admittedly I haven't read it in a awhile, if only I knew one of the famous editors and could get a copy out here in the sticks.
  • favorite catalogue Need some good clothes? Or want to buy Evie some really expensive but totally non skanky clothes?
  • favorite online shopping experience Speaking of clothes, how about shoes? You can look at the soles for goodness sake! If only we could do that with people, wouldn't the personals be so much more interesting if they had that feature for our souls? oooh and you can search by heel height and color and they have free returns, quite fabulous I assure you. There's a pair of pink and purple puma's I've been eyeing, sometimes you need to let your inner punk come out, ya know?
  • favorite time waster picture upon picture - it's like a time sucking vortex though if you like photography. You have been warned.
  • favorite designer Rumor has it they're not in production anymore, if I only had lots of money and some pull.
  • favorite thing I've found for adult interaction
    seriously, best Mom's group I've been to yet. They watch your kids and it's all about Mom's not just a playgroup. Very cool.
  • favorite movie. Spirit, it's a cartoon about wild mustangs. Why is it my favorite? Well it will keep Evie dead still for a good hour and a half. Every single day.
That's all we've got time for folks. I'll give you a little Evie update tomorrow, get your hankies ready.


Monica said...

that picture is so cute!! Love it

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