Sunday, November 26, 2006

When Evie's away, we always play! Miss Meri is getting sooo big, and heading toward those two's awful fast. It's hard to believe they're switching places, she's becoming the difficult one and Evie is suddenly turing into this helpful child(on our good days anyway!). She laughs gleeful after doing the most awful things; throwing my glasses to the floor, pulling Jaq-Jaq's hair(and Evies too!), scratching Daddy's face, dumping her plate on the floor, running away... you get the idea.
And it's so hard to correct her becuase she's just so happy about it. On top of that she is a dare devil, climbing the furniture and jumping off things - no fear! But she is finally sleeping through the night so I guess I won't complain. Evie starts her speech therapy tomorrow, Mons and wends for 30 minutes. I sooo hope it goes well, it's going to totally disrupt our schedual so I know it will take her awhile to get used to that so maybe in a couple weeks I'll be able to tell if it's going to help.

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