Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!
Actually Christmas came early for me, I got a new camera, lens and some other fancy stuff. I suppose I should be excited about the superior quality of my new camera versus the old one and I am but the thing I am most excited about is that this camera has a remote control! How cool is that?
Now that I have my new camera and I've figured out how to use it I am going to officially begin portfolio building. So get in touch and let me take some pictures of you, really it would be a big favor to me. I'm up for anything from head shots to family groups. Of course, screaming toddlers who run away are my specialty !


Ali Dyer said...

Awesome Rae! Good luck!!! I sure would love some family pics of me, nanny and mom! Gotta talk them into it of course. One day I'll have plenty of beautiful children for you to photograph, so don't forget us when you are famous!!! Haha. Well, plenty being 2 I hope. HA!

MiMi! said...

I'm that she has a remote, I may finally get pictures with her in them!