Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Daddy's girl

I wonder if they'll ever realize how much alike they are? I'm glad he has somebody to ride his roller coasters with, I don't know that he'll ever get me on one again. This was at our local little rinky dink amusement park. Lake Winnepasuka or something like that, Lake Winnie to the locals. It was Roper's Corpate picnic which included the plant so I think it was probally more cowded than if it had just been a normal day but that's okay Evie loved it! She rode her very first coaster and played expensive rigged games, Meri mostly just sat back and ate popcorn. I didn't really feel comfortable putting her on a ride alone, those straps are NOT tight enough. We did do the merrry go round and Evie drove the rail car thingy, so Meri got to enjoy those. It was a good day and next year we'll get there earlier so Daddy gets to ride some of the "real" coasters and not jus the baby caterpiller one!

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