Saturday, November 25, 2006

Just an old one rediscovered but I love it! Doesn't it look like they are gossiping? I am sure E was actually yelling at Meri though! I just noticed - this was before the door got painted pink!
And this one, to show how sad I am that everybody is in Texas and we're not. I don't usually put up other people on here because of privacy and all but I figured this was okay since it doesn't show her face. Amber - let me know if you want me to take it down.
It's pretty lonely and quiet here, Evie is in Piedmont and Nathan is slaving away on the fence so it's just Meri and me and she's sleeping so I'm going to go work!
Everybody have a safe trip home!
Edited to add: Lest my lovely family that does not belong to the vast Texas clan think we don't miss them let me fill you in on why I am so sad to have missed this Thanksgiving in good 'ol Texas.
My Grandparents are propsing to move away and we will never again all get to gather for Thanksgiving at that house in the fields. I will miss so much, turning that dirt corner and bursting out into their little patch heaven. Those climbing trees and kichen smells and all the memories that house holds. I can't say more, cause if I think about it I'm going to cry!
Anyway, that's why I specifically said I missed Texas! We miss you guys in Illinois and South Carolina too!

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