Thursday, November 02, 2006

Curls... I neep some help here. I'm *thinking* of cutting them off. Yes, she likes her "princess" hair but she HATES and mean hates with a passion, having it fixed and even worse is having it washed. So what do you think, would it be any better chin length, would that stop the drama and the tears, the throwing of the body onto the floor, the shreaks of "NO BRUSH, NO BOW" ? Anybody have any ideas? Jesse, are you out there? Did you ever get your curls cut off and not be traumatized? I'm just afraid we'll make that first cut and she'll be heart broken and even worse that it will still be impossible to fix her hair. And will she even look like herself with out all those curls? Sigh, I guess if this is all that is pressing in our life right now then we're good. We should all have our biggest concern be the length of our hair, right?


buzz girl said...

Hi Rae,
As always, I love the pictures! Especially Meri as a cat. And I wouldn't worry about Evie's hair too much. It is beautiful but it will still be beautiful short (and you can always let it grow again)...have you tried threatening her with cutting it if she doens't let you brush it? Though I suppose that might make her have even more issues with having it cut. Good luck! Looking forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks.
P.S. am using my work blog login to post this comment, in case you are wondering!

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Ali Dyer said...

I agree with Trish-it'll grow back. What does she think about a cut? :) She'll ALWAYS be a beauty!