Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Yes, it does snow in GA, a smidge anyway. We'd been hearing all day about the snow so when it finally started coming down we went out to play. It didn't matter a bit that it was dark or after bedtime, we had a blast. And we were so glad we did - it rained during the night so it was gone in the morning.
I love, love that Evie was actually able to participate in a snowball fight with us! She had no problem making the snowballs and she's got an arm with a very good aim so we were definitely on the recieving end of some hits. She and I mostly just ganged up on Daddy. And Meri? She just walked around fussing because it was cold and dark.

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AliDyer said...

Haha,I'd be like Meri. Burrrrrrrrrrrrrr! That was Monday night?!? Very cool! Evie looks so big. Looks like y'all had a blast! Any big birthday plans for the little lady?