Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Goodbye Huntsville !

As Meri says Papa high, weallly high (with her big circular arm movements)
We're amazed at how big this building is and how fast it went up.
Josh's shadow loves the rock wall he built her. She pretends she's all manner of animals roaring on top of it or just climbs around like a goat. I'm convinced I'm going to have to ship her off to Uncle Matt for some safety lessons so I can keep my sanity.

My little interpretive dancer communing with the wood fairies.


AliDyer said...

The new digs look good! Josh looks very happy. WHOA, I never realized how much the two of you look alike! Loving Meri's interpretive (did I spell that right?) dance.

Anonymous said...

wow! I am amazed at how much Josh looks like my dad!!!! How are the girls? Kade and Kordie are doin great. We miss you guys bunches!!!!

Amber Z

Hopey said...

O my goodness Josh looks wonderful. He looks so happy and very healthy. He has your mom's smile. They sure got that building up quick. How is the inside comeing along.