Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Notice any thing... funny about this picture? A couple of weeks ago, we were waiting the car for Daddy and they unearthed a tube of old mascara from the depths of the van. Willing to do just about anything to make the wait more bearable, I put it on them. The results were so laughable, I had to grab a picture. She looked like she was wearing some drag queens fake eye lashes! I'm sure she won't be complaining when she's older - too many lashes definitely falls into the category of blessing rather than curse!
Anyway, I just found this picture and had to share because it made me laugh all over again!

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AliDyer said...

ACK! She looks so grown in that picture!!! Our little Evie is a big girl. OMG, she is going to be 5 this year isn't she?!??!?! Wish you guys were still up this way. We miss getting to see you more often! I think you should plan a trip to Charlotte sometime in the Spring. I'll find a fun festival to go to. LOL.