Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Meri putting "stick" on Mimi
Meri helping me make apricot rolls .... this one had to be made into cinnamon rolls because it ended up with about an inch of butter on it.
This is the cutest little mouse puppet - they're little baby mice inside a gift box.
Nathan realizing he got a guitar for Christmas. This is his guitar strap - it took him a minute, he thought it was a belt at first.
Candy and the farm.
She love, love, loves her playmobile farm. Santa(or Mimi and Poppa actually) brought them each a set! Oh and a whole herd of horses. The detail in these toys are amazing - cell phones that will snap into their hands, horse poo, all sorts of fun stuff.


Anonymous said...

And what did mama get for Christmas? Auntiekren wants to know!

AliDyer said...

YEAH! What about mama!!!

I love me some Playmobil. I wanna play!