Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Copy Work

I wouldn't say that we're unschoolers since we use a curriculum and have enforced school time(even though we're very relaxed) but I can totally see how it makes sense for some kids. Evie definitely being one of them. Try and force the child to do something and you're pretty much up against a brick wall but just sit back, wait and watch and she'll do it on her own. I found this sitting on the computer desk, I think it's copied from the bottom of the checkbook? Not too shabby since just a couple of weeks ago her letters were completely random sizes( and I mean like 2 inches followed by 1/8 inc sort of random) and we were battling over writing. This aspect of her personality I can handle but I don't know what I'm going to do about her thinking things have to be done perfectly or not at all. She's been very hesitant to read and she told Mom the other day it was because Rosie was better at it. What? Rosie "reads" by making up stories! Poor girl, I feel like she's setting herself up for a difficult life. Maybe it's just a rebellion against my totally non perfectionist self?

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