Monday, November 03, 2008


My little "cowboy girl" and my "super Rosie - shooting star" had a fabulous Halloween. We went to a friends house in Birmingham and we had over 300 kids come for candy. That's no exaggeration either, we kept a tally sheet!
The girls looked fabulous but we didn't really get any good pictures. They were way to enamored of the baby we were visiting and just in awe of all the people streaming by. I think I'm going to make them put them on later this week, Mimi put way to much effort into those costumes to not have them properly documented. Thanks Mom!
They each decided what to be, Evie's was easy. A super Rosie- shooting star costume took a bit more imagination, what you can't tell in the pictures is that her skirt had fiber optics in it so it lit up!

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Ali said...

I LOVE it!!!! :) I love their imaginations and the way their ideas were brought to life. Thanks for posting pics!!!!!!