Friday, November 07, 2008

I had totally meant to write about how you can take a horse to water but you can't make them drink only in this case it was you can bribe a child with candy but you can't make them happy about it. Someday miss Rosie posie I will tell you all about how you were when you were 3. About your temper, your stubbornness, your love of the argument, your " I just got to squeeze (read hurt) my sister moments", your need for total attention and how you still insist that "I your baby, Mama" while demanding your snugs, your amazing dances and your astounding logic. You miss Rosie posie are someting else and I can only hope that what's coming is someting I've prepared you for.


Ali said...

Is that Meri?!?! OMG, she's getting so big. I miss you guys!!!

Anonymous said...

I couldn't find your email, I found the coolest site while I was looking for woodwrking toys... lee valley out of canada. Just wait, you say, but go to the garden section and thence to kitchenware... be regaled by collapsing colanders and, yes, a spurtle... I'm loving this site. Oh yeah, the IPN's looked like they had a good sugarfest. Ta-