Friday, September 22, 2006

Meri chugging her way across the back yard. Don't worry, we bought a tractor to deal with that grass! Do you suppose she'll flounce her way through life like that?

We had so much fun with the hose this summer, the girls were so good about sharing! Do notice our little tomboy with her scrapes and black eye!. I'm glad fall is knocking but I'm still sad to see summer go. Next time we pull the hose out I'll be hearing two voices asking for turns instead of Meri's little baby grunts!

Oh Miss E, you are so three! From "No!" to "It's MINE!" to "Ebie do!" your passion for being independent never fails to bring about surprise, annoyance and pride. You definately have your own path and are intent on sticking to it! What will I do when everything isn't a struggle?

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Allison said...

The girls are so precious!! Looks like you'll have some gorgeous young ladies on your hands soon. Watch 'em NATHAN!!!! Oh, and the photography, just wonderful guys!