Wednesday, September 27, 2006

the luv machine

An ode to the luv, I guess it's on mind because I'm waiting for the towtruck to come and pick it up since it's been sitting in the driveway for a week out of commision. It's one of Nathan's new toys for our so called "farm", after much searching for a small, non 4x4 diesel(for the biodiesel you know) farm truck, this is what we ended up with. An itty bitty baby pickup that looks as if it was attacked by smurfs. It's so very Nathan though, especially with the recycling always in the back! Apparantly the gas mileage is fantastic when it's working which is important for his 20 minute commute (you do get the sarcasm in that, don't you?). I'm not complaining mind you, he likes it, the girls love it (at least at this age) and it's paid for, sometimes I just wonder what the neighbors think! Oh, and the color is actually a very pretty light blue, not the funky color in these pictures, I was just playing around in photoshop with some new actions I got, fun stuff!
I guess I never read the terms of service for this place but apparantly Evie has and they include breakfast in bed. Yep, that's right it's 9:20 and she is still under the covers and calling for crackers! The only thing I can think of is that I told her MiMi would be here when she got up and she took me literally. I guess she's not geting out of that bed until MiMi is here! What I can't understand is why she wants crackers, if I'm going to protest for breakfast in bed then I'm going to make it something yummy, not crackers. I don't know if we even have crakers! She's so goofy but then I guess she can't really help it, can she?
Meri did the cutest thing yesterday! Evie is forever telling her to "STOP" and putting out he hand like a crossing guard, I guess she picked it up form me but really I'm not quite so ugly when I do it. Well, Evie was being her usual mean big sister self while we were outside and did her stop thing in Meri's face and Meri did it right back with this little twinkle in her eye. That little hand went out and she said "Sa"! I thought Evie was gonna fall over, she just doesn't know what's coming does she? I guess it's one of those things you'd have to see in person to realize how funny it was. It's just nice to see her giving it back to Evie in her mischevious little elfin way!

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