Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Poor Juju.

Poor little third child has to take her baths outside. And doesn't even have diapers.
Ha! We know there is nothing sad about the juju's position in this family. Spoiled much? Yep.
No, this is really just #1 in the the series: Juju in the yard with random stuff in a bucket. Alternately titled : Entertain your toddler for cheap!


Becky said...

Ahh...the days of being able to innocently run around outside butt naked! No pity about that:)

azylee said...

Naked baby in the sun - So cute!

juldan75 said...

"Poor Juju" I just had to smile when I saw this, I've been Juju for the past 24 years in my family, I don't know who it was that gave me that nickname but it stuck. So much so that my cousin even addressed me as it in the speech she gave at my wedding 11 years ago =) Your photos are fantastic.... Cheers Julia

juldan75 said...

I mean past 34 years,,, wow where does the time go, I felt so young there for a minute. =)

auntiek said...

Lovin' it!