Tuesday, May 04, 2010

It's for the birds.

Random item in bucket #2? Birdseed. I can hear you... "really, Rae? birdseed?". Yep. birdseed. Just trust me on this one. Obviously this is a supervised activity and note some birdseed may contain peanuts so watch your histamine challenged kids. The bucket o'birdseed keeps the juju entertained for hours. HOURS. at. a. time.
You can stir it.

Put it on your head.
Sift it through your fingers.
And eat it. But we don't recommend that. Don't eat the birdseed! Saying that occupied about 45 minutes of our 2 hour birdseed adventure.
Handing to mama is also fun.
Hitting Mama in the head? Also fun.
Ahhhh, birdseed between your toes.
Seriously. So fun. Check out that excitement. It's the little things people.


Jinxie said...

What a GREAT idea! And as an added bonus, maybe the birds will swoop down were the seeds were scattered and you have a little show through the window later in the day! I love it. My little guy LOVES his "bean box." Yes. Beans. Dried pinto beans. But I bet he'd love this change - I'm going to try it! He could pretend to "cook" things in his outdoor kitchen and everything. Thank you for sharing! And ADORABLE pics! :)

Anonymous said...

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