Wednesday, May 05, 2010

hmmm, look at that. you can make the pictures bigger now.

Is it working for you? Or did I just mess up your screen?


bethany said...

looks beautiful. i just figured out how to do that a few months back and am so happy at how much nicer the posts turn out with large pictures.

Jinxie said...

Didn't mess up the screen at *all* - it looks gorgeous!!! I need to look into this - surely there's an easier way than resizing each one in html.

azylee said...

She's getting so grown up!

Ali said...

I demand you to stop with the grown up pics! And, I demand a copy of this...and prints of the other girls as well for our new house.

Thank you, that is all! :)

Kathy said...

I like! you will have to teach me. Stand in line Ali, I keep waiting.

Sallie Kate said...

From mine, I clicked Next Blog a few times...and found your beautiful blog I guess we're sort of neighbors today. :)
Would love to know how you made the photos this large! (I'm new at this)
sallie kate