Tuesday, June 23, 2009

lately we've...

been enjoying the heat,
finding some comfort
and whining a lot!
But we're good, just didn't want you to think we were gone for good.


Becky said...

Great to have caught up with Nate last night...let us know what your plans are and we'll go from there!
Love the bathing beauties & that's a great Spider Man suit Rosie...the pastel colored sandles go great with it:)
Take good care & look forward to hearing from you soon.
Lots of (((hugs))) from Nebraska!

Ali said...

I was wondering!!!

Stacy Eskew said...

That is an awesome suit...I am intrigued by the angle. Is she hanging from something?

Rae said...

well it is her spidey suit stacy! Spiderman has replace spiderwick cronicles as favorite movie...
Really, she was just riding her bike. That's her face of the moment - all whine/all the time.