Thursday, June 11, 2009

It'll do.

She doesn't like this house, it's "scary and the yard is hot and it has bugs". Really? Cause I remember those acres we left being pretty darn buggy. I know what she means though. There will never be another yard as wonderful as the one we left, you just can't replace the shade 100 year old pecan trees or the freedom of a field out in the country. It was magical and we've definitely been mourning. I realized just how much the other day as we all hung out after Nate got home. It's the first time in over six months that I've actually sat on a blanket in the yard while they played and not been detached and separated by the concrete. It was nice. And while the neighbors doing yard work was highly annoying I was able to ignore it and enjoy just watching my girls. And it sure beats the card board box we could be living in soon. He hee. Should I even joke about that? Probably poor taste but we have to laugh about it, right?

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Becky said...

Looks & sounds like is nice just to sit back, relax, & enjoy! In today's world we need to do more of that! The road may be a bit curvy & rough right now, but things will work out, and those beautiful, care-free girls will help make the road a bit easier to travel;)