Wednesday, August 20, 2008

a little bit of random

This is just too fantastical not to share. There just happened to be an article in some travel magazine Nathan subscribed to. We never have enough frequent flyer miles for actual plane trips, just lots of weird magazines.
The city of Dubai as explained by wikipedia
BBC Link that explains it a bit more

If you don't feel like reading, here is the breakdown. It's on the coast of the Persian gulf. Basically 30 years ago there was barely anything there and now it's a major city. Somebody said they're attempting to build 100 years worth of city in 10. One site said they currently had something like 20 % of the world's cranes! It's not just a city though. It's like this wild theme park, like all the architects were told they could build their most fanciful ideas. There are palm tree shaped islands that can be seen from space and a building where every floor rotates and the worlds tallest hotel located on it's own artificial island. It's just mind boggling. Like something out of a science fiction book.
Do yourself a favor and google it, you'll see some of the most astonishing architecture! Or you can pick up a copy or Travel and Leisure and read the article but the pictures I found online were much better.

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