Thursday, July 24, 2008

Guest spot by Mimi

Lesson from a 3 year old.

I totally enjoy reading Rae’s blog. Of course! She is my lovely daughter and has given me 2 most precious grandgirls and the blog is mostly about them. But just this once I’ve asked if I could have a guest spot on her blog. This just has to be shared.

Last Monday I drove up to see Rae and the girls. We had plotted out the day for a house hunting trip. (read - lot’s of time confined with a 5 and 3 year old) So we spent the ENTIRE day in the car together looking at different areas/houses in and around Cartersville. The girls were wonderful. So patient and good. By midafternoon though a little crankiness started. So Mimi promised a shopping trip to the store with the big red circle, if we could find it, so they had to look very carefully. (Rae will always behave for the promise of a trip to Target – just kidding baby.) Anyway, 2 little girls spent several hours looking for the store with the big red circle – it has horsies you know. It took us quite awhile to find it. Imagine that, it wasn’t in any of those subdivisions we looked at!

We actually did not find that store until after we met Daddy, he had to show us where it was. (read – somebody had to stay in the car with Chloe – it was like 95 degrees) So, Target and horsie shopping with a little side trip to the dollar aisle to pick up a tiara or two. Then back to the car and dinner – then it hit me, who was going to sit in the car with Chloe while we ate. So Mimi declined dinner to start for home. With Chloe. From the back seat came a little Evie voice – “Mimi, you don’t want to leave us” and a Rosie voice – “I go to Mimi’s house!” Quick change of plans – Rae and Nate go out to dinner ALONE* and Mimi heads southeast with Chloe and 2 little girls, promising “just about an hour more in the cars girls.” BUT we headed southeast into one of the worst thunderstorms I have ever driven through. Our trip took more than 2 hours – driven in horrendous rain causing flooding roads with thunder and lightning cracking all around us. I hate driving in the rain anyway and add to that 2 precious little girls that were already tired and cranky. A nightmare for me. They were perfect. I think the storm totally awed them. I did not hear one single peep from them and when I glanced back their eyes were HUGE. About 10 miles from home the rain began to let up and within a couple of more miles it was gone – totally. That’s when I learned that Rosie had really been pondering the mysteries of life. Because from the backseat came this:

Rosie: Mimi where you come from?

Mimi: ummmmmmmm (rapidly sorting answers in my head – Alabama?, Texas? Um my mother?)

Rosie: Da God make you Mimi?

Mimi: umm – Well yes Rosie I guess he did.

Rosie. Da God make me Mimi.

Mimi: I know he did Rosie and I’m so glad he did.

Rosie: Da God make Ebie & Mama & Daddy AND ChloeClo.

Mimi: (trying to hold back a chuckle) Yes, that’s right he did.

Rosie: Da God make da wain & da twees & da plants & da peoples – short pause – AND da shoogah.

Mimi: (trying to hold back more than a chuckle) That’s so right, Rosie.

Rosie, with a heartfelt sigh: Da God’s a bery busy mens.

Mimi: (no longer able to hold back anything so a choking) uh huh, very busy, Rosie.

Silence from the back seat. I was afraid she had figured out I was laughing and that offends her but I knew she couldn’t see the tears streaming down my cheeks. About 5 minutes more passed without a “Why you laugh at me Mimi?” so I relaxed and managed to get my self under control. Thank goodness. Because the pondering wasn’t finished, that little voice popped up from the back seat again.

Rosie: AND da dishes Mimi!

Mimi (humor starting again): uh huh Rosie.

Rosie: Mimi, da God make ebrysing!

Mimi: Oh yes, Rosie he did.

*Just to add : We quite enjoyed our alone meal. $7.00 beers in an Irish Pub that served organic fare while listening to a jonny cash cover band. Slightly strange but enjoyable.

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