Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Just a little conversation I had with Rosie this morning.
We're sitting on the couch, I've got my coffee and she's got some life cereal in a ziploc bag.
R: look it's got shoogar!
Me: hmm, it does, doesn't it?
R: Where does shoogar come from?
M: I explain abt sugar cane
R:Where does cereal come from?
M: tell her they make it w/ flour, sugar etc... and bake it
R: The man makes it with the shoogar? And bakes it with the pants?
M: mhmm
R:Where does coffee come from?
M: explain about coffee beans and tell her Daddy's tea is like that too.
R: God made Evie, Me, Daddy, Momma etc...
M: mhmm
R: God made the computer?
M: tell her God gave somebody the idea but that a man made the computer. Explain that the computers not alive etc...
R: God made Word Girl?
M explain about cartoons etc..
R: God made the shoogar?

At this point Evie woke up and joined us, thank goodness! I think I was running out out answers.
She does make us laugh even if it's bittersweet because we never got that with Evie.

Rosie also cut her hair yesterday. I know,I know. It's not even upsetting at this point, it's just happened too often around here. So I wouldn't let her use any scissors yesterday and they cut up paper all the time so this was a huge punishment. Well, as I'm typing this she comes running in. She has her head hung and she's all sad looking. She says "Momma I want to tell you something . I sorry to cut my hair." I'm thinking "ooh how sweet". HA! She pops that little head up and says "NOW I cut with the scissors?"


AliDyer said...

LMAO! Can't say that girl doesn't know what's up...little sneak! Haha. What a beautiful conversation though-I can't wait to have those!!! :)

Heather said...

So, I guess I still have a few more years til I get those conversations, and I still can't wait;) I love the pics from last weekend!

trish said...

Just when you think they're all cute and innocent... ; )