Saturday, July 19, 2008

Being pestered for posts again. Here's the thing, Rosie's haircut is bad enough to break a lens (although I suppose I should record it for posterity) and umm, I sort of didn't want to tell y'all that I cut Evie's hair. Again.
See, my reasoning is that she wanted so badly to get it cut "like Rosie's" that she would probably find a pair of scissors and just do it herself. Why my children can find scissors in this house when I can't, I don't know. They just do, okay? And they're stealthy. When I found Rosie with her shorn locks, she was under the covers, pretending to sleep.
Now that my confession is out of the way I can share some new randomness from our lives.
Trying to capture the cuteness of the new cut, the collar kind of swallowed it up though.
Part of our pathetic pepper pickings. If I had only know I could have had a REAL garden instead of the sad pathetic containers I have. Although the giant ground hornets did invade the garden spot again. I know it's not our worry anymore but how do you get rid of them? They're aggressive little boogers.
Again, the peppers are hiding the hair, lol!
I must say that this picture really makes me feel like I've done something right. She knows how to eat her chocolate cake and read at the same time. (okay "read" but we're working on it....)
I hope she never reaches a point in life that she doesn't have to hold up her pants when she jumps. Although that afore mention chocolate cake+reading habit might catch up to her. Also, I've come to realize why trampolines are for kids and men. Trampolines don't like Mama's bodies.

Oh, and the realtor came today. So it's official. The little yellow house it looking for new owners. Poor thing doesn't realize it will probably be bought up by the big bad relocation company :(
I did take the opportunity to shoot my favorite parts of our home while it was all clean and shiny, so look for that soon.


AliDyer said...

Whoa!!! It looks so straight! LOL about her probably cutting herself ;) Good thinking!

Hooray about the house being up for sale!

azylee said...

Evie is looking so grown up!