Monday, September 10, 2007

new kitchen stuff!

I know, I know - I promised girlie pictures. But honestly, they're not making me too happy today. So I'm going to show off the kitchen instead. Hmph, teach them, won't I? We ripped down the wallpaper and painted the cabinets. And I made that valence - I even followed a pattern! Then we put some stuff in the glass so you can't see my mess. It's soo much brighter in there. Too bad it's still so small that you can't open the oven and the dishwasher at the same time, heck you can't even stand side by side in there!
Is anybody sufficiently impressed enough to condone me buying me this horrifically expensive pot? I want a pretty soup pot since we eat soup in the winter a lot and I hate having my ugly one on the table. Actually on sale it's not too bad. But still if I'm going to buy an expensive soup pot I'm going to get the real deal and not a Martha Stewart one but I saw it in a magazine and had to track it down because I have no life. I don't really think I could commit to that expensive of a colored pot though, I'd have to go with white. I really do like her line of stuff though - check out the iron stone serving pieces!


Ash said...

The kitchen looks great! Love the valence!!! You did a very nice job on that:)

AliDyer said...

LOVE the kitchen Rae! It looks amazing!!! Can you tell us how you did the cabinets? Did you have to sand them? We are thinking about painting ours and putting glass panels in some of them (frosted as you said to hide the mess!).

The valance is awesome! When will someone teach me to sew? Actually, I am signing up for a class. Very excited about that.

ANYWHO, looks great!! I know you are very excited.

About the pots, I dream of a set of these. They have them at Tuesday Mornings!!