Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Meri and her bugs.

Three guesses as to what Meri is doing.

No, it's not aerobics.

Nope, she's not practising her skiing form.

And it's not the Chicken dance either. (all these spaces are for your protection... I wouldn't want the next picture to pop out at me!)

It's her preying mantis impersonation.
This little guy was walking up and down some moulding Nathan was painting in the backyard.
The girls were sooo excited and came running inside the house to pull me out and look at him. Personally they give me the creeps, they're so alien looking. I can just imagine giant 12 foot ones taking over the planet. I'm sure that's just from some really bad scifi movie though. But anyway, Meri loved the way his creepy little self bounced up and down - so she spent the rest of the day doing it herself. She'd say "doooown ..............uuuuuuuuuup" . So much cuter than the original creepy little thing.

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AliDyer said...

Nice setup for us there! ;) Love it!!