Thursday, April 19, 2007

For real this time

Hurray for real Easter pictures.
I've been getting some complaints lately. This is a two way street people. See that little comments section down there. That's your job a good blog viewer, it lets me know you love me. Otherwise, I'm just writing to myself. I had one very enthusiastic poster for awhile but she had to go and get a fabulous new job that blocks me. Hmph.
In other news. Guess what we found? My wedding ring! It was on the floor of the car, which is very strange since we cleaned it out when we left TX. I'm assuming Evie put it in something and it just fell out. So I was thrilled!
Also, I had to make it official today that we'll be homeschooling E next year. It was hard to check that no box on the form for preschool because they have been so good to her. Aside from feeding her pop and cheezits that is.
What's that you say? You didn't know we were going to homeschool? Whoops. Well now you do, how totally non confrontational of me to tell you via the faceless Internet.
And about that picture of Josh. Well lets just say that I'll teach him not to smile for me, although I happen to like it - I'm not just being mean. I was going for a hip grunge look, but ehhh I think it just looks like there is mold on the wall. We had a really great Easter. The egg hunt was hilarious b/c the eggs were in full sight but the girls were so excited that they couldn't find them. Lots of yummy food and good times.


Amy said...

So sorry - I had no clue that we the readers/viewers had a role to play in your blog.

Very cute easter pics, the girls are getting so big. Its so funny this year that Easter pics have kids in sweaters.

That's great that you decided to homeschool, I think it will work out great for you and Evie.

And yes, it does look like mold on the walls in the picture of Josh.

Ash said...

Ok, I don't think I've ever left a comment before, so here goes.

I love the picture of the girls smiling so sweetly. You can actually imagine them saying "Cheese!" I can't imagine that before many of your pictures, Rae, you make them say cheese, but for this one it looks like that's totally what is going on. But I like it! So classicly cute. They're precious!

Anyway, aside from the moldy walls, I think that picture of Josh is really good.

trisha said...

Well, it's easier to comment when you tell stories and let us know what's going on with you like you did in this post -- I start to feel like I'm repeating myself when all I can say is how cute the girls are! Though of course they are very cute.
Anyway, congrats on finding the wedding ring and putting up the "real" easter pictures. It looks like everyone had a really good time. I had to laugh when you said how the girls were too excited to see the eggs even though they were in plain sight, because that's exactly how my little cousins get!
Hope to see you soon.

Hopey said...

Im glad to see a picture of Josh he looks real good. Ill have to show Nate. By the way Nate will be going to North Carolina in July. We were told you were not to far off his path