Thursday, April 26, 2007

Thanks for the help! I think I need to go back and retake some English classes. So I dodn't need proofers!

Anybody see anything wrong? PS doesn't have spell check! I need to send this out for the first time. thanks!


Buzz Girl said...

Hi Rae, I love the way it looks! And that picture of Evie is a great one to use. Everyone wants their child to look that angelic in a photo!

Some notes: you should either cap the first letter of the first word on all or none of the items listed below the collection (i.e., it looks weird that "Any" is capitalized and "one" and "custom" are not). I'd vote for lc since you seem to be going with that everywhere else.

One of the 16x20s has a capital "x" between the numbers; should be lc like the others.

In "$600," the zeros are "o"s. They should be numerals not letters. The "$400 savings" has the same problem. That sentence should be in parentheses, too. Also cap the "C" in "Collection c" to be consistent with "A" and "B."

Capitalize "Gift Portraits" since "Wall Portraits" is title case.

"Storyboard" is one word in my dictionary but if you prefer two words, or if most photogs refer to it as two words, leave it.

"available" is spelled wrong beneath the "Custom Design Work" head.

When is your first session?!?!

Amy said...

Go Trish!

Rae said...

Awww Trish, you rock!