Monday, December 18, 2006

Tree planting time!

Our order finally came! Nathan and I can't decide if we're cut out for this country life. We'd much rather be watching cartoons on Saturday morning than digging holes...but I guess you only have to dig them once, right?
The girls enjoyed mixing up the potting mixture, maybe a little too much. I told Evie it was like making a cake, one bucket of this, one bucket of that. She seemed to understand and did a really good job, until I turned my back...
I hope the ratio wasn't vital for the trees survival! Nathan had to finish planting them at night, poor guy was out there with a light attached to his pick axe, I really have to wonder what the neighbors thought, digging holes at 10:00 at night in 30 degree weather? Hmmm seems kinda fishy. And now there are just a bunch of sticks out there. Very stange indeed.

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