Thursday, December 07, 2006

Check it out...
Let me know if you can read it okay!
I am so proud of this! I wrote the code (okay I copied some of it! but still) and figured out how to do most of it all by myself! Little 'ol computer illiterate me, I can still remember when somebody had to show me how to open an email account!

Now some Evie stories but no pics, I've been so busy on business stuff I haven't had much time for pictures. I just read a marketing book - wonders never cease do they? Now if I can just conquer the small business association website and the whole IRS thing the most mind boggling things will be done!
Anyway, I let her wear her cowboy hat and boots to school today since it was show and tell. She informed me before leaving, "it's not a cowboy hat, it's a horse girl hat" same deal for her pink boots! Isn't she cute! AND... this is HUGE for me, she's been singing with me! Like I'll sing some lines and she'll sing them back, might not mean much to you guys but I've been trying to get her to sing with me for well, years now! She never has been willing to do hand motions and things like "itsy bitsy spider". So that's been super fun, I can't really attibute it to her therapy though, I mean she's been 3 times - surely that can't be enough to do anything. Really all they do is play with her. And lest anyone be worried about Meri Rose, the therapist(Evie's that is, we haven't had her evaluated yet) commented on how much she was talking and something about synataxes or something like that, point is she might be a smidge delayed but she is saying new words all the time! Which is weird to go through since Evie never did that.

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Ali Dyer said...

The website is looking great Rae! Wes would be so proud of your coding!!! :) Glad to hear Evie is doing well. Hugs to the girls for us.