Tuesday, November 13, 2012

birthday breakfast

It's a funny thing to be number 4. You're kind of unimportant to the outside world. And we Mama's take our children's slights and multiply them in our hearts. I was so sad that he wasn't special enough to be celebrated by anyone but us. So instead of doing  what I should have done and made a big todo (birthday pancakes, anyone?) I just moped. I literally sat on the couch and was all teary. (And I might have even called my own Mama  and demand they meet us the next day - even if it meant driving 2 hours.) But he, being the awesome, super little dude that he is, had other plans than watching me blubber. He made it very clear he wanted his cheerios in a bowl and with a spoon and with milk! And so he got them. And made me laugh in the process.


Becky said...

Dang, all these pics just make us miss you guys even more!!! Meet us in Ohio next week?
Love you and please give Fletcher big birthday (((Hugs))) and kisses from his Nebraska family:) Actually, everyone give each other (((Hugs))) from their Nebraska family!

Kathy said...

I did not hear it as a demand but rather as a very happy and wanted invitation. I too had been moping and regretting our decision to wait for a more convenient time. So it was a wonderful surprise! That was an even more wonderful, memory filled day. And I would drive much longer to be with my very special, completely awesome little guy and his sisters. AND you my darling. Even for just an hour. You know my love has no boundaries. Neither time nor distance.