Thursday, October 11, 2012

book pages

After the great hard drive crash of 2012, I realized how important it was to get stuff off the computer and into our home. Recent vacation pictures seemed an easy place to start. I have close to 20,000 images from years past and quite frankly I don't even know where to begin with those. Vacation album is easy though, right? I can't decide if I want to leave them as is or add some elements. I used a new to to make these - a script compositer. Easy peasy. You add the pic you want on one page and it shows you any and all possible layouts. I tried using some of the online album makers but the lack of control was frustrating. I am not very good at digital scraping, the tools make it too easy to never ever finish a page. Glue and scissors tend to make your decision for you. When it's glued, it's glued, right? So that's why I am sticking with the simple modern approach ... so it will get done and printed! And I'm trying to let go. I even shot half of these with some presets in camera and then didn't touch them in photoshop. Are they perfect? No. But an imperfect album is better than none.


lindasloan said...

LOVE the pics !!!

Ali said...

How can I make those? I love! Miss you guys!!!