Wednesday, October 24, 2012

a new tradition?

We did this last year when I was so very, very pregnant. The girls were dearly wishing to go camping. And I just couldn't. We compromised by making their favorite parts of camping happen. And they remembered! As soon as fall weather hit they've been asking, does 2 years in a row a tradition make? Campfire with hotdogs(a super huge, very rare treat around here) and smores. I can get behind a tradition that involves me throwing a bag of chips at kids and handing off cooking duties to Daddy.  How often does it happen that Mama has zilch to do? Good times. The only hiccup? Evie was very fussy this year. She couldn't get anything to her liking except maybe the amount of mustard she used.


Becky said...

Love the shorts with winter jackets! Wish the heck we could have made something work for meeting up this year. Time is just flying by...can't believe it's almost November!!!
(((Hugs))) & much love to all from all of us:)

azylee said...

I think it qualifies for a tradition! You are making me want a fire pit!!!